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"Bed Of Roses" Toner Water
"Bed Of Roses" Toner Water

"Bed Of Roses" Toner Water

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Skin Types:

  • Normal
  • Combination
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Sensitive
  • Acne Prone

Purpose: Gently tones and refreshes skin. Hydrates and soothes inflammation while reducing oil acne, and dark spots.


Solutions for:

  • Dryness
  • Oiliness
  • Redness
  • Puffiness
  • Acne
  • Dark Spots


How To Use: Use 1-2x daily. Shake well before using, Spritz 6 in. away from face or pour onto a cotton pad and rub into skin. Apply after cleanser & moisturizer.

**Can be used to prime/set makeup or refresh throughout the day.


Best Paired With:


Key Ingredients

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe is anti inflammatory, soothing irritation & redness while retaining moisture.See full ingredients here.
  • Rosewater: Anti-Inflammatory and antibacterial properties soothe and reduce redness, irritation and acne.
  • Green Tea: Green Tea has antibacterial and anti inflammatory benefits. Combating acne while reducing redness & irritation. 
  • Hibiscus: Rich in antioxidants, minerals, & Vitamins A & C. Rebalances the skin's pH and promotes cell renewal, redcucing scarring.


See full list of ingredients here.